We don't believe in cookie cutter solutions

Our goal is both a simple, yet difficult one. We strive to be the preferred provider and the acknowledged leader of baseball injury data at the professional level.  To accomplish this, Baseball Injury Consultants sift through thousands of Tweets, news articles, media guide pages, radio and television interviews each and every day to provide a service to you not found anywhere else.

An Athletic Trainer by trade, with over 15 years of experience working with baseball players of all talent levels, I currently work at the only specialized research and training center for sports injury prevention in North America. With my background, I know how important it is to accurately categorize an injury according to medical terminology standards. Tiny details that may seem insignificant, often mean the difference between an athlete suffering an injury or dealing with lasting pain that could have been remedied years ago. Differences such as a sprain (injury to a ligament) vs. strain (injury to a muscle or tendon) can mean needing treatment time being measured in months, not days.

Baseball Injury Consultants goals also include providing a platform for understanding common baseball injuries and the associated short-and long-term risks. Here you will not only find data on the teams or players, but you will also find leading research based on injury data and what experts throughout the medical, statistical, and sports performance fields are finding.

Like many companies, we have found a way to give back to our athletic community. We pledge to contribute 5% of our profits to organizations whose focus solely resides in furthering injury prevention research among all sports participants as it would be selfish to limit injury prevention to a single sport. Otherwise, valuable skill development time will be lost while recovering from major surgery and too many have their grades suffer after getting concussions, potentially costing them a chance to attend the college or university of their choice.  To us, it does not matter what age, sex, sport participated in, or experience level of the athlete; they deserve a chance to stay healthy and enjoy playing in their sports.

Corey Dawkins
Licensed Athletic Trainer
Baseball Injury Consultants