September 6, 2015

As I promised, we will continue to website design updates frequently in hopes of making things a better experience for you. Currently, I have the web designer working on two things to improve the user experience:

  1. Creation of a user profile page where you can edit your profile (imagine that) including the ability to change your subscription level. This will eliminate the need to start all over again if you wish to move up (hopefully) or move down (hopefully not) in levels.
  2. Updating Team detail page with a link to the previous and next year above the Team Roster table. This should allow an easier experience to browse through different years of the same team.


Planned Changes:

In the next several months, I have several things planned that should dramatically improve your experience.

  1. Player comparison – You will be able to choose any two players, past or present, for injury comparison.
  2. Team comparison – Similarly, you will able to choose any two teams, past or present, for injury total comparisons.
  3. Franchise Summary page – A new page and functionality will be created to search by franchises first, then find the particular year for the team detail page. On this franchise summary page, it will list all the years of the franchise with the injury totals (counts and days lost) to make it much easier to see a trend among that particular franchise.

If you wish to have anything else, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you,


Corey Dawkins


Baseball Injury Consultants

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