September 11, 2015

I continue to try and upgrade the site continuously and there were two major upgrades completed this morning.

  1. User Profile Page
  2. Easier team browsing

First, several users have pointed out that there was no way to upgrade to downgrade their subscription. Well, we solved that problem with the new user profile page and here’s how you get there. In the upper right-hand corner after you log in, you will see a small icon. Clicking that icon brings you to your profile screen. Here you can make the changes to your profile information as well as updating your subscription to the right.

This will create a drop down menu:

For here, you simply continue along the subscription checkout process with instant changes.

Second, we’ve added links on the Team Detail page within Team Roster section to more easily browse between previous and future years of the same franchise. Simply click it and move one year forward or backwards depending on your choice.

I’m always available by email at if you have any questions or problems finding these.


The website will always be undergoing improvements and so the next three planned upgrades in order are:

  • Direct player comparison
  • Direct team comparison
  • Organization and affiliates summary page

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. Otherwise, keep looking around and enjoy finding out just how many injuries there are in professional baseball.

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