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It’s not everyday that you find a website dedicated to professional baseball injury data and especially not one where you can find information at the team or player level, a snapshot of the last 7 days in MLB, who is trending, and medical research all in one place. Don’t worry, we’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible, including seeing precise numbers when hovering over each graph. Depending on your subscription level, certain table columns and graphs may be hidden, but there is tremendous value for even those with free accounts.

When you first arrive, you will be presented with the following image. After signing in at the top right, you can choose from the sections above or search for a player.

Quick Look

The Quick Look page gives you a current year snapshot of major league baseball injuries. You will find every record I enter or edit over the last 7 days for major league players in the bottom of the table



Clicking on Teams tab will bring you to the following screen:

Here the current MLB teams will be displayed and the graphs will be based on the current MLB leagues. You can search for any team in the input box or browse to the league and year of you choice. Clicking on any team will then bring you to the team detail page shown below.

On the team detail page, you will find the team roster and key statistics about the injuries at the team level. The ranking in the details box is based on that particular year and the league they play in.


Choosing the Players section allows you to search for any player or browsing through a variety of options seen below. One of the most helpful, is the most searched player and position within the last 7 days. These will give you an idea of what people are thinking of and what they will make their decisions on moving forward.

The player details page also provides key details throughout the player’s career. Shown below is an example of the professional level of membership, where you will find the most detail including mechanisms of injury in the dropdown section.



One last key area is the blog section where you will find important information about the site, including planned updates and exciting research. You can access that through the link near the bottom of the page


Please keep checking back as I will be discussing planned site changes in the coming weeks and months.





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